Наукові журнали

Наукові журнали Elsevier

ЖурналІмпакт фактор
1Knowledge-Based Systems4.104
2Information Sciences3.643
3Artificial Intelligence2.194
4Applied Soft Computing2.14
5Expert Systems with Applications1.854
6Information Systems1.768
7Fuzzy Sets and Systems1.749
8Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence1.625
9Information and Software Technology1.522
10Data & Knowledge Engineering1.519
11Journal of Web Semantics1.231
12Science of Computer Programming0.568
13The Journal of Logic and Algebraic Programming0.529
14Annals of Pure and Applied Logic0.504
15Theoretical Computer Science0.489
16Computer Languages, Systems and Structures0.296

Наукові журнали Springer

ЖурналІмпакт фактор
1Knowledge and Information Systems2.225
2Applied Intelligence1.853
3Artificial Intelligence Review1.565
4Machine Learning1.454
5Automated Software Engineering1.4
6Genetic Programming and Evolvable Machines1.333
7Software & Systems Modeling1.25
8Neural Processing Letters1.24
9Neural Computing and Applications1.168
10Soft Computing1.124
11Journal of Intelligent Information Systems0.833
12Distributed and Parallel Databases0.806
13New Generation Computing0.795
14Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems0.79
15Cluster Computing0.776
16Applicable Algebra in Engineering, Communication and Computing0.756
18Information Retrieval0.63
19Distributed Computing0.627
20Journal of Automated Reasoning0.567
21Formal Aspects of Computing0.5
22Journal of Computer Science and Technology0.477
23Theory of Computing Systems0.477
24Acta Informatica0.474
25International Journal of Parallel Programming0.404
26Applied Categorical Structures0.375
27Computational complexity0.325
28Formal Methods in System Design0.282
29Annals of Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence0.2
30Programming and Computer Software0.105